James McOrmond

53 Balsam St., Ottawa ON, K1R 6W8
(613)239-0361 [email protected]

Dedicated, results-driven, problem-solving IT professional with over 15 years corporate experience and an additional 10 years personal experience. Experience includes building networks from designing, purchasing hardware, and cabling, as well as configuring components such as firewalls, switches, gateways and routers all the way up to managing operating systems, performing upgrades and writing administration tools in PHP.

Technical Proficiencies

Platforms: Debian/Ubuntu, Red Hat/CentOS, SuSE, FreeBSD, Solaris 2.5/2.7 (x86 and Sparc), Amazon EC2 Cloud, VMWare/KVM Virtualization

Server Applications: Jboss/Tomcat (Java/web Container), MediaWiki/TWiki/Confluence (authoring), Sendmail/PostFix/Courier/Exim (smtp email), Bind/dnsmasq (DNS), Apache/NginX w/PHP/SSL (WWW), MySQL (database)

Hardware: PC servers such as IBM Blades, HP Proliant, DELL PowerEdge, SUN Fire, Tyan, and SuperMicro. ISP/Networking technologies such as Modems, xDSL, ISDN, "Cable Modem", Wireless APs, Bridges & Routers, CAT5/6 Ethernet cabling and LAN installation.

Languages: PHP, bash, perl, 6502, 8086 & 68000 Assembly Language, C and C++

Monitoring Tools: Monit, Munin, Nagios/Icinga, MRTG, snmp

Professional Experience

Thinkwrap Commerce, Ottawa, On

Linux Systems Engineer June 2011 – Present

Primarily responsible for new customer site configuration and installation of the Production and UAT environments for their Oracle Commerce(ATG), or SAP (Hybris) eCommerce stores. This includes multiple NginX/Apache and Jboss installations on Linux Red Hat 5.x/6.x/7.x servers as well as coordinating the Load Balancer, Firewall and SSL certificate creation and management. Connectivity between Apache and Jboss/Tomcat was done either using mod-jk, or mod-cluster. Environment monitoring and alerting was done using clustered Icinga. In-house QA environments were built using the same application configuration deployed to CentOS installed within VMWare ESXi 5.x on DELL Power Edge rack systems. Post-launch support and maintenance was also provided for 'systems' related issues. Documentation is stored in Jira, and the Confluence Wiki environment.

Key Achievements:

The Pythian Group, Ottawa, On

MySQL DBA & Linux Administrator May 2010 – June 2011

Part of a 4-6 member team of MySQL DBA's responsible for a large number of client installations of MySQL (4.x/5.x). On-call support was provided by the team of globally located team members for 'daytime' coverage in each timezone, as well as 24h on-call weekend coverage shifts. Client installations ranged from a single mysql install, to multiple masters, multiple replication slaves, or mysql-cluster. Most MySQL installations are on Red Hat Linux so I also acted as the 'linux guy' for the team. Several projects were done with the Systems Administration team as well as my regular DBA duties.

Key Achievements:

Xandros Corporation, Ottawa, On

Network Administrator October 2002 – May 2010

Primarily responsible for installation and maintenance of all public and internal production servers including firewalls, DNS, DHCP, web, file and email servers. The acquisition of the Scalix Corporation brought Red Hat Linux back into the mix as the company was primarily using it's own Debian based Operating System.

Key Achievements:

Xandros Corporation, Ottawa, Ontario

Quality Assurance Specialist October 2001 - July 2007

Performing and creating testing strategies to test Xandros Desktop (a Linux based desktop Operating System, designed to replace Windows in an office environment). Involved with testing primarily the hardware compatibility and networking aspects. Logged bugs in Bugzilla database.

Key Achievements:

Open Concept Consulting, Ottawa, Ontario

PHP/MySQL Web developer July 2001 - December 2001

Created the bibliography plug-in for the Women’s Learning Partnership website.

Key Achievements

Rebel.com, Ottawa, Ontario

Quality Assurance Specialist May 2000 - July 2001

Performing and creating testing strategies for The NetWinder OfficeServer (a small footprint, low heat, low power, internet server-in-a-box, based on the Linux RedHat OS). Reporting bugs in Bugzilla database.

Key Achievements

Cyberus Online Inc, Ottawa, Ontario

Unix system administration January 1999 - May 2000

Daily maintenance of customer accounts including virtual domain (DNS, web, email and ftp) services, as well as programming, application/system configuration, and installation of ISDN and ADSL equipment for new customers. Operating Systems in use included Solaris, Solaris x86, and FreeBSD.

Key Achievements


Linux Academy 2017-

Online Training focussing on:

Algonquin College 1992-1998

Rideau Campus, Ottawa, Ontario

Computer Systems Technician Diploma

Full LinkedIn profile maintained.

Government of Canada Secret Clearance (2010-)